Network expansion

Welcome to the fiber connect page for Schlatter Road, Painter Road, Hollopeter Road

At baseline internet it is our goal to bring high speed, reliable internet to everyone in the leo area. we have been contacted by several people in your area that would like to receive our services and with that in mind our owners and management team have come up with a plan to annex your area into the network.

we have worked hard to keep the costs as low as we possibly can, and also are offering a payment option for anyone not wanting to make the initial investment all upfront.

For your area we need at least 20 residents to commit before we can begin construction and bring you high-speed internet service! Check back here to see current numbers. Tell your neighbors, together we can bring you the best service in town!


Percentage of Required Sign-ups

What is a fiber connect fee?

At BaseLine internet it is our goal to provide access to reliable, high speed internet to everyone in the Leo area. In certain areas due to the distance from our main fiber route, population density, and construction obstacles, the only way to allow us to bring service to the area is by charging a fiber connect fee.

These fees help to cover the cost of the expansion from our existing network. Each area is assessed on an individual basis, so the fees and the minimum number of customers can vary, but rest assured that our management team and engineers work hard to keep the cost to our customers as low as possible.

In most of the areas that we are assessing there is no existing high speed internet option, or what is available is unreliable, with low bandwidth. Most companies have no plan for providing service to people in these areas, but we are committed to getting as many people connected to our network as possible. Fiber connect fees allow us to do that.

When do I have to pay the fee?

For each area that we are looking to annex into our network there is a minimum number of subscribers that are paying fiber connect fees that we need before construction of the annex can begin. In each instance that number will be made clear to all residents of the area.

No charges will be assessed to anyone until that minimum number is met, at which time all residents that have committed to joining the network will receive an email that allows them to sign up for their BaseLine Internet online account and pay their fiber connect fees.

Once this has been completed construction will begin. The customers that sign up and pay these connect fees will be considered “Founders” of the network.

After construction is complete, will new subscribers still have to pay the connect fee?

In each area the minimum number of subscribers needed will be considered the “Founders”. Each of these subscribers will pay the Fiber Connect fee outlined in their agreement. Once construction is complete, each additional subscriber will pay a lower Fiber Connect Fee then the original founders, and that fee will be split amongst the founders and credited to their monthly bills.

An example of this would be as follows (please note these numbers are for illustrative purposes only, actually numbers will vary, but in every case, all Fiber Connect fees collected after completion of the network will be evenly split among the Founders):

An area that has access to 40 total residents is being annexed into the network. 20 of these residents agree to pay $2500 each for their fiber connect fee. These are the “Founders” of this network. When construction completes, each additional subscriber that signs up has to pay a Fiber Connect fee of $1000. When that fee is paid, each of the 20 founders will receive a $50 credit to their bill that month. so if 20 additional subscribers come on after the network is completed each Founder would receive a total of $1000 in bill credits, helping to offset the cost of their original Fiber Connect fee.


Baseline Packages

*Activation, installation, & taxes also may apply.